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Age of Aquarius



Coming of age during the late sixties and early seventies was an adventure taking place in uncharted territory. Nothing had prepared me for the rapid rate of change caused by my generation’s transformative world views.

This group of photographs is a selection from those years.

The Woodstock Music Festival in August 1969 was my introduction to the scale of the emerging counter-culture. I was still new to photography and used the camera sparingly. That fall I flew to Denver to visit a friend and witnessed anti-war demonstrations.

The following summer I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where the very first Whole Earth Festival took place. People across the country attended with a large contingency from the San Francisco area. Many spiritual leaders came to give talks and lead meditations.

The winter of 1971 I was enrolled as a student at The University of the New World in Valais, Switzerland. This alternative American college, an experiment in higher education from the University of Chicago, lasted only 9 months due to shaky finances and questionable leadership. After the school closed I spent a semester at a Suisse Art School in the city of Sion.