The Dorothy Shim Sham Tap Dance


Learn the Legendary Tap Dance: The Dorothy Shim Sham

Experience the magic of tap dancing with Dorothy Wasserman’s iconic creation, the Dorothy Shim Sham!

In 1978, tap dance legend Dorothy Wasserman created her unique interpretation of the classic Shim Sham Shimmy while teaching, choreographing, and performing in Boston. This version, now known as the Dorothy Shim Sham, gained widespread acclaim when it was featured in Jane Goldberg’s groundbreaking All Women’s Tap Show “Sole Sisters” in New York City’s Greenwich Village in 1985 and 1986.

The Village Voice raved about Wasserman’s performance, describing her as “Lanky and casual, (she) lays down the taps with confidence, enjoying every second of her dancing.”

The acclaim didn’t stop there. Legendary tap dancer Gregory Hines was so impressed by the Dorothy Shim Sham that he featured it in the 1989 Tri-Star major motion picture TAP, alongside luminaries like Sammy Davis Jr. and Savion Glover.

Now, for the first time, you can learn the intricate steps of the Dorothy Shim Sham directly from its creator! This instructional video takes you through the dance step-by-step with Wasserman’s expert guidance. Her clear teaching method makes this highly syncopated routine accessible to intermediate through advanced tappers.

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Recommended: The Dorothy Shim Sham

Experience the joy and rhythm of this timeless art form.

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The Dance Career of Dorothy Anderson Wasserman

A true pioneer, Dorothy Wasserman has been at the forefront of the tap resurgence since the 1970s. Her acclaimed career includes dancing at the Pilgrim Theater in New York City with Brenda Bufalino and Company in “Singing, Swinging and Winging” in 1977. She was the assistant director for the award-winning video documentary “Great Feats of Feet,” featuring tap legend Honi Coles and the Copasetics.

Wasserman’s talents were showcased on the big screen when she was featured as a dancer and choreographer in the 1989 hit film “Tap,” starring Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr., and Savion Glover.

For over 45 years, Wasserman has passed on her passion for tap through teaching, nurturing generations of dancers. Her expertise has led her to conduct master classes and workshops nationwide while also choreographing for major tap companies.

With an unparalleled resume and a lifelong devotion to her craft, Dorothy Wasserman is the ideal mentor to guide you through mastering this iconic tap routine. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from a true living legend!