Artist Statement

An early love for the photographic image came to me by way of photo books like “The Family of Man” and the magazines Life and Look. Not only was there a poignancy in the depiction of the human condition, but the beauty of the black and white photographs transcended mere reporting. The sensual gray values drew me into a world of light and darkness. The images were real, but made artful.

When I bought my first 35mm camera in 1968 I was driven by an aesthetic based on these early visual impressions. Since that time I have maintained a practice of documenting my life by photographing the people, places, and experiences in my field of vision.

All black and white photographs are film, all color photographs are digital. There has been no cropping to the initial image once the shutter was pressed.

This website shows a selection of the photographs from each project and ongoing theme.

Inquiries into purchase, showing, or licensing are welcome.